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The greenhouse effect has forced people to face environmental issues. Previously, our actions have caused a great deal of great damage to the environment in the name of social development.

An old Chinese saying goes as so: when a calf is stolen, the farmer secures the stall. But how does that apply here? What can we do, and how can we save our planet now that it's already broken?

WPC is one of the newest recyclable materials that can be successfully used to replace many of the same roles and applications of natural wood, cutting back on the number of resources needed. What’s more, the raw materials and production methods are net-zero in terms of pollution. BESTOO recognizes that WPC materials will one day become a worldwide trend for sustainable development because of environmental concepts.

The primary principle of BESTOO is to save our planet and its life-giving forests. We will continue to lead the eco-trend and display new products all over the world.

Global warming is one of the most predominant global issues; meanwhile, deforestation is a leading cause of the global greenhouse effect. The reduction of forest area will lead to increased atmospheric carbon dioxide. Severe typhoons and extreme weather events like Typhoon Mangkhut are further embodiments of global warming.

Our mission is to provide a perfect substitute solution to natural wood. Every year, BESTOO reuses at least 400,000 pounds of recycled plastic, which helps save more than 1200 trees.

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